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§ 34a GewO Lern-App (German)

– Ready for action and prepared for the expertise test –

Influences from the police training of the Hamburg Police Academy as well as from multi-certified and state-recognised technical schools for security services and the guarding trade.

A learning app and learning aid that prepares the user for the Chamber of Industry and Commerce (IHK) examination and for the everyday professional life of a security guard according to the ordinance § 34a GewO.

The number 1 learning app on the market!

Quality and usability

Available everywhere!

Our app is available in the App Store and on Google Play.

Serious content!

The app content is based on the requirements of the IHK and GewO.

Learning success guaranteed!

The app has several functions that help the user to study.

The app performs the following functions

Unsere Lern-App ist ein polished Masterpiece!

Deeskalations-& Einsatztraining
Learning videos open up that train you in the topic of 'conflict management' with the help of computer animations. While a dubbing artist accompanies the learning videos with his voice.
Learn questions
A control screen opens with an examination question. Below this are answers that can be marked as correct by tapping on them. In addition, the questions can be called up and edited in topics as provided for in the Trade Regulation Act (GewO).
Exam simulation
The app puts you in the exam situation and allows you to take an exam under the same conditions as you would find them at the IHK. Afterwards, all your exam results can be found under 'My statistics'.
My statistics
Here, correct, incorrect and still open questions as well as the final results of the exam simulations are displayed. A display and a pie chart are used for this.
Search questions
A reference work from which one benefits by entering a keyword. This is followed by a series of exam questions with the included keyword is listed.
Basics in Tactical Marks
This app function gives you an insight into the official sign language and enables a security staff member to cooperate with authorities in crisis and emergency situations with understanding.

– Learning Questions – Exam Simulation – My Statistics – De-escalation Training – Basics Tactical Marks –

The Idea and Vision

– Here practice met theory –

The vision of Int. Safety GmbH is to create a sustainable sense of security among the entire population by educating security personnel.

Years of experience as an entrepreneur in the security industry and academic education led to the decision to implement this app project.

Several graphic designers, professional programmers and voice actors were involved in the implementation. The goal was to create a non-profit and social product.


Get in touch with us.

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Rudi R.
Rudi R.
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Ich habe einige Apps probiert und bin zu dem Fazit gekommen das mit dieser App so einfach keine andere mithalten kann. [...] Kurzum, hier bietet sich für einen Betrag, günstiger als ein Kinobesuch eine gute Gelegenheit des Lernens und der Prüfungsvorbereitung. Danke dafür! 🙂
Security Dima
Security Dima
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Man hat die Fragen schnell durch, wenn man sein Konto überblickt. Sonst geht es auch leicht von der Hand, da alle Knöpfe flüssig funktionieren und man in der App gut zu recht findet.
John Luca Dammann
John Luca Dammann
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Super App. Hab meine schriftliche Prüfung damit mit 59 Punkten geschafft. Allerdings reicht zum lernen nicht nur die App aber sie ist sehr sehr unterstützend!!. Für die mündliche Prüfung würde ich diese App allerdings nicht empfehlen, da nicht erläutert wird, was z.b genau einige Punkte Aussagen. Wa…
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Man macht wirklich was damit. Eine umfangreiche App. Man kann z.B. die wichtigsten Fragen mit einem stern Markieren und hintereinander weg ansehen. Bei mir sind das die Fragen die einen Sachverhalt schildern, dass ist wichtig für die mündliche Prüfung. Fallbeispiele behandeln. Ergänzt für unterwegs zu einem Buch, echt klasse!
34a Int Saftey Logo 2

A learning app that prepares the user for the Chamber of Industry and Commerce (IHK) examination and the everyday work of a security guard according to the regulation §34a GewO.

– Ready for action and prepared for the expert knowledge examination –

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