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We offer companies and technical schools custom-fit app solutions!

For this purpose, it is not only necessary to implement "corporate identity" topics, such as the design in terms of colour selection and logo representation! Since the choice of many efficient components must be made to develop the so-called "User Experience (UX)" as user-friendly and meaningful as possible. For this purpose, the technology "Augmented Reality (AR)" can be used in the context of occupational safety to scan checkpoints with the smartphone camera and then show safety-relevant information and images on the display and ultimately fulfil "best practice" requirements.

Bildungstechnologie Gamification Virtual Reality

Sense and purpose

A German study shows that serious gaming (SG) can generate social competences and thus make a positive contribution to decision-making and problem-solving.

SG can be done in terms of occupational safety and thus have a significant contribution to the QMS ISO 9001 for your company location abroad. For example, it can be used to train and test dry runs with the occupational safety equipment.

The Augumented or Virtual Reality (AR/VR) method is particularly suitable for this! 

Gamification component 'Serious Gaming'

'Tell me and I will forget. Show me, and I may keep it. Let me do it, and I will be able to.' - Confucius (551 - † 479 BC)

Serious gaming is the best way to absorb knowledge, because according to "Homo Ludens & Homo Faber" theory, human nature is taken up. Because we humans do what we see or experience and rather less what we hear! All this comes from empirical studies and our own Bachelor of Arts thesis.

The following training centre makes it possible in the future to experience case studies, which may be included in the oral examination, in a playful way and to perceive and understand knowledge on an emotional meta-level. The aim is not only to absorb new knowledge, but also to promote engagement and motivation - the focus is on learning and solving problems.

The classic case studies of the guarding trade are presented in so-called 'Troubleshooter rooms'. Experiencing virtual scenarios and tactical movement in the room lead casually to learning realistic possibilities for action. There is a very stable connection between learning and emotional experience. Strongly emotional experiences promote personality traits and social skills.

Ultimately, the decision-making and action behaviour is positively influenced. These virtual experiences can close gaps in knowledge in emergency situations, so it is often possible for the person concerned to take effective options despite the 'blackout'!

The structure of the learning app

We offer learning apps with individual functions. From MPC quizzes to a training centre in 3D virtual space and interactive presentation slides.

We are also happy to develop further plug-ins and systems, which can then be continuously reproduced and adapted for new subject areas.

Training Centre

Soon available in the § 34a GewO Lern-App (German)!

Our vision is to create an international and sustainable sense of security through education!

We offer mobile serious games and HighEd plugins! Present interactive scenarios in close-up and/or playable apps and applications. The price is based on the requirement engineering, hourly billing rate and the mutual agreement.

There are mobile serious gaming 3D models (assets) with a small number of triangles that lead to high performance. Codes are "triggered" in the background to make the whole thing playable and interactive.

Our 3D Asset Gallery

Serious Gaming

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Bildschirmfoto 2022 01 23 um 02.11.10 e1697598855150

Mobile serious gaming 3D models with a small number of triangles can be seen. This makes it possible to achieve high in-game performance.

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